Importance of Bone Density Testing

Osteoporosis is a “silent” disease meaning that there are no symptoms and therefore bone deterioration occurs over many years undetected until a fracture occurs. This is a very serious first “symptom” to have. The only way to establish your bone density is by having a bone density test. Bone density tests indicate a risk for osteoporosis in the same way that cholesterol and blood pressure testing is indicative of risk for cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Bone Density Testing
v  The more aware you are, the more likely you are to react positively to maintain or
increase your bone health.
v  The earlier you are tested, the sooner fracture risk can be assessed.
v  The test is done using the latest QUS technology
v  The QUS technique is radiation free and 100% safe, fast and cost effective.
v  You will receive a software generated report, reflecting T-scores accepted by the
World Health Oraganization, which is explained to you on completion. You are
advised to take this report to your physician for further evaluation and
treatment if need be.
v  The equipment is compact and easily transportable and therefore ideal to provide
service to you at your nearest pharmacy or health centre in a very easily
accessible and convenient manner.


Interesting Fact:
Women who sit for a long periods of time are 50%
more likely to have a hip fracture than those that are more active during the


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