1. Who is affected by osteoporosis?
Men and women alike are affected by the disease. The risk factors are as follows:
Uncontrollable risk factors:
  • Being over age 40.
  • Menopause.
  • Family history of osteoporosis.
  • Low body weight/being small and thin.
  • Broken bones or height loss

Controllable risk factors: 

There are also some medication and disease that can cause bone loss and increase your risk of osteoporosis.
2. How long does the test take?
The test is a few minutes and your entire time required would be about 15 20min including waiting for the report and time to make payment.
3. How long before I get the results?
You will receive the results immediately which you should then take to your family physician or GP.
4. Will a report be issued?
Yes, you will receive a software generated report that you should then forward to your family physician or GP.
5. What is the treatment for osteoporosis and who administers this treatment?
The course of treatment will be determined by your family physician or gp, who will also administer the treatment.
6. How often do I have to be tested?
You should be tested annually (once a year), unless otherwise advised by your physician.
7. How much does the test cost?
 R300.00 per test.
8. Can I claim this from medical aid?
Yes, you will be issued a statement which you can submit to your medical aid. Please note that we are not contracted to medical aid and you will have to make payment and then claim back from your medical aid. Please note that you will be reimbursed according to individual scheme rules and plans etc.



Men and women are affected by this


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